We have many styles and sizes of tents to accommodate all your needs. We use our knowledge and experience to recommend the right tent for you and your event, depending on your requirements, ground surface, and available space. Tent prices include set-up and tear down. Prices are based on having truck access to the site, and the tent being staked in grass, additional charges may apply for staking on asphalt or gravel. Tents may be secured by weights at an additional cost. Winter rates may also apply to tents.

To help ensure that your tent is clean we are happy to let you know we  added a commercial tent cleaner in the spring of 2015. 

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3 Tent Styles

Frame Tents

Aluminum pipes connected to make a frame and then fabric is secured over the frame to create a tent. The tent is then secured (staked) to the ground. Frame tents take up less space and do not have center poles. This makes them a good choice when space is a concern.

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Pole Tents

These tents are what most people think of when they are talking tents. Pole tents have side poles around the perimeter of the tent secured to stakes in the ground. Along with the perimeter poles are the center poles underneath the tent that support the tent top.

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specialty tent.jpg

Specialty Tents

Looking for something unique to help set your event apart?

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Frame Tents

NOTE: Images are for reference only. Sizes are accurate but styles may vary.

10x10 ft. Frame Tents


10x20 ft. Frame Tents


20x20 ft. Frame Tents


20x30 ft. Frame Tents



20x30 ft. Sail Cloth Frame Tents


Sail cloth vinyl is translucent, allowing some light to pass through.

(Shown with optional lighting)

20x40 ft. Frame Tents


30 ft. Wide Frame Tents

30x30 - $585

30x40 - $785

30x50 - $975

30x60 - $1170

30x70 - $1370

30x80 - $1565

30x90 - $1755

30 ft. Wide Kedered Frame Tents

Kedered frame tents have clean, open sight lines with no support braces or cables.

30x30 - $700

30x45 - $1000

30x60 - $1300

Pole Tents

NOTE: Images are for reference only. Sizes are accurate but styles may vary.

20x20 ft. White Pole Tent


20x30 ft. White Pole Tent


20x40 ft. White Pole Tent



30x45 ft. White Pole Tent


40 ft. Wide Pole Tents

40x40 - $850

40x60 - $1100

40x80 - $1475

40x100 - $1845

40x120 - $2200

40x140 - $2575

40x160 - $2945


60 ft. Wide Pole Tents

60x60 - $1880

60x70 - $2150

60x80 - $2495

60x90 - $2800

60x100 - $3100

60x110 - $3450

60x120 - $3750

60x130 - $4000

60x140 - $4370

Specialty Tents

NOTE: Images are for reference only. Sizes are accurate but styles may vary.

52 ft. Blue TP Tent