Majestic Tents and Events Rental Policies

Approval, reflected by renter’s signature, is for any tent rental or order over $150

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Reservations: Quotes and proposals do not guarantee availability of rental.  Equipment will be reserved when a 30% down payment is received with a signed rental agreement. Payment balance is due the day of delivery.

Rental Period: Most equipment prices are for a standard rental period. Most deliveries will arrive the day before the event and picked up the day following the event.  Weekend rentals are typically delivered Thursday/Friday and picked up Sunday/Monday.

For long term rentals, please contact us for pricing.

Cancelations: Deposits are non-refundable (30%).  If you cancel your order within 30 days of your event you are responsible for 50% of the current order.  Any changes in reservation (up to 10% of order) must be made at least 14 days in advance of delivery. There will be no refund and the entire rental amount will be charged for items removed from an order during the 14 days prior to the event.

Delivery & Pick-Up Service:  Standard delivery fees require items to be dropped off at an easily accessible, ground level location such as garage, loading dock, or porch. Upon pick up, items must be clean and in the same spot that they were delivered. Deliveries that require us to hand-carry items, or deliver to a location other than ground level will be charged an hourly rate of $55.00 ($25 minimum charge), in addition to the standard delivery fee. Customer is responsible for checking the count and condition of the equipment at the time of delivery, and should contact our office immediately if there is a discrepancy. Set-up and take-down of tables and chairs is not included in the rental price but is available for an additional charge. Please make arrangements prior to your rental if you wish to have our crew set-up and/or take-down these items.

Tents: When considering renting a tent, it’s important to select a relatively level site that is free of obstructions like, but not limited to: overhead utility lines, trees, bushes, flower gardens, fences, and/or immobile lawn ornaments/furniture. Make arrangements for someone to be home on the day of the tent installation. If no one is available to be on site on the day of installation, it’s acceptable to mark the area where you’d like the tent to be set up with wooden stakes, or paint. Please secure your pets during the tent installation and make sure that all pet waste is cleaned up prior to installation. All decorations must be taken down prior to tent removal. DO NOT use staples, nails, tacks, screws, etc. on the tent poles to hang decorations. Any residue left on the tent or on the sidewalls from tape or other adhesive must be removed prior to take down of the tent. 

PROPERTY OWNER Is Responsible For Marking All PRIVATE Underground Utility
And Irrigation Lines. Majestic Tents & Events Is NOT RESPONSIBLE For Hitting Any Unmarked
Lines. Majestic Tents & Events Will Make Sure That All PUBLIC Utility Lines Are Marked

Sidewalls: Sidewalls are not included in the tent price but are available for an additional charge. If you rent sidewalls with your tent, please DO NOT drop sidewalls on the ground. If you don’t want to use sidewalls, please roll them up and store them in a dry area or fold them back. Customers are responsible for cleaning charges if any items are returned dirty, including replacement costs for sidewall with irreversible damage from being left on the ground. Sidewalls are not permanent fixtures and under certain weather conditions (high winds) will not be safe to hang sidewalls.

Dance floor: All dance floor rentals must be inside, underneath a tent, and WITH SIDEWALLS. Any rain, spills, water, or other moisture that comes in contact with the floor should be wiped off IMMEDIATELY, as this can stain and/or warp the dance floor. Under certain conditions, we may need to use a sub-floor in order for the dance floor to lay level; there is an additional charge for sub-floor.  Customers are responsible for repair costs and replacement costs for items with irreversible damage.

Weather: Tents are temporary structures designed to handle most normal weather conditions; however, there may be situations that arise such as high winds or lightning. Evacuation of tents is recommended in these or other unsafe conditions. Refunds will not be granted for weather-related cancellations.

Renter Responsibilities of Equipment: Responsibility for all rental equipment remains with the renter from delivery to the point of return. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use. Renter pays for lost, damaged, and stolen items, and the renter is responsible for all damages to tent equipment due to negligence, vandalism, and theft.

Majestic Tents & Events will not be liable for any damage or injury incurred during the event. It is also understood that, by the nature of tent design, there may be some minor leakage during rains.